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Hand-pick the products that suit your flow. Smaller pack sizes mean you can mix and match! Genius, really…

2. Did someone say free shipping?

Sure did. We’ll choose the best send frequency that gets you free shippin’.

3. Ding dong!

Hello package! And *gasp* bonus gifts? (Your period can be rough enough, why not sprinkle it with sugar?)

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We’re here for all you gals who’ve had to ask strangers, in whispered desperation, for a pad or tampon. Who’ve made the treacherous mission to the shops in the dead of night in your saggiest, baggiest jammies.

We’ve heard your cries. We are you. And we’ve got your backs. (Or fronts? Meh. We’ve got you covered.)

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Created by the chicks who brought you, Juuni is an organic tampon and pad subscription box that makes our periods suck that little bit less. Our estrogen might be lower than Justin Bieber’s pants, but our spirits don’t have to be!