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about us

There are three questions you never want to ask...

  1. Where did I park my car?
  2. Who ate the last of the guacamole?
  3. Can I borrow a tampon?

We can’t help you track down your hatchback or stop your housemate from chowing down all the avo dip, but we can make sure you never run out of tampons. Ever. Again.

We’ve all been there. Ransacking our bathroom cabinets in the middle of the night. Pleading with friends and partners to go to the shops to buy our tampons or pads for us (while bundled in foetal position, moaning like a poltergeist). Leering behind our office comrades while summoning the courage to ask if they have a tampon. Yeah. Tick box, tick box. Tick. Box.

Enough. And enough dread, too. Our periods can suck. Truly. But the experience around them doesn't have to. So we created Juuni. A friendly little box of goodies that will save you (and potentially your relationship with your friends/partner/co-workers/all of the above) some of the stress associated with periods.

How does it work?

Juuni is a subscription service, created by women for women. It’s simple – you tell us what products you need every month (and how many), and we make sure you get a custom box of organic tampons, pads and/or liners delivered to your door.

And that delightful little box isn’t just a pretty face. Every delivery has the products you’ve selected, along with some sweet nothings to make the whole period experience a little bit more friendly and a little less of an a-hole.

Oh, and PS: Our organic period products come in smaller packs, so you can mix and match to suit your flow. Genius, really.

Now for something a little more personal…

…than period products? Really?

Well, we dove right into the deep end there, so we figure it’s time for full disclosure.

We’re all for organic. I mean, der. But if you think the Juuni team is comprised of celestial beings with that inner glow reserved for personal trainers, yoga gurus, or a Hadid, you’ve got us wrong. We try. Dammit we try. On every level. To be good friends, good humans, good worker bees. To act sustainably. But sometimes* we rattle off far more toilet paper than we need. Sometimes we drive when we could just bloody walk. And yes, sometimes we eat so much refined sugar that our brains are spinning like deranged hamsters on a wheel.

Here’s to being human and to doing our best.

Now excuse us while we work on our collective energy so we can raise the vibrations of the universe. Or something like that. xoxo

*Sometimes generally means more often than, ahem, not.

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