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Five reasons to celebrate period sex

Taboos around menstruation date back to the dawn of human time and many are alive and well today. Chuck sex into the mix, and things get even more Victorian (the Queen, not the state). But the idea that you should not be sexually active around the time of your period is based on Zero Facts. There is absolutely nothing weird, dirty or dangerous about period blood, in the bedroom or anywhere else.

As with most things in life, period sex isn’t for everyone. And that’s totally fine. Or you might be up for it and it’s not his idea of fun. Well, that’s a shame, but it’s a pretty personal thing, so that’s OK too.

Then there are the practical things to think about. You might not want to ruin your best sheets for example, so you’ll need to have a little think about a workaround there. (Or read this post about getting bloodstains out of fabric!)

If you and your partner are up for period sex, you can take pleasure in the fact that there are some reasons it’s actually a good idea. Just remember to take your tampon out first.

1. Lots of people report feeling extra horny during their period. Although scientists aren't quite sure why this happens, consensus is it has something to do with an uptick of testosterone at this time. Whatever the science, extra desire = extra satisfaction. Hopefully!

2. Orgasm can relieve period pain. That's because, during orgasm, the body releases a rush of dopamine and serotonin. These hormones act as natural pain relievers, so it can be helpful for headaches and migraines, too. The good news is, you don’t need someone else to put this hypothesis to the test.

3. No lube required. Period blood makes things nice and squishy. Think of it as a completely natural lubricant. Shower sex, anyone?

4. You have a very small chance of getting pregnant. Note we said ‘very small’ as it’s not completely impossible. But the probability of being in your fertile window on the first couple of days of your period is close to zero, which may help you relax even more.

5. All the usual benefits! If you’re both in the mood, when is sex not a good idea?

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