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Getting to the core of SAP

We want to empower you gals with the info you need to make well-informed, conscious decisions about the period prods you use, so here’s the DL on SAP…

What is it?

SAP is a non-toxic polymer, which acts like a giant sponge. We use it to make our pads super-absorbent and leak-free, meaning a drier, fresher, more comfortable period. In contrast, pads without SAP (such as those with a cellulose core) are not as absorbent, so feel wetter for longer and aren’t (in our opinion) as comfy.

Choice Australia reckons the most important thing to consider when choosing a pad is absorbency. Wetness comes a close second. Rock on, Choice.

Is it safe?

Sure is. SAP has been rigorously tested around the world and conclusions repeatedly state that it’s completely safe, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. SAP is found in lots of products, including nappies, toys and certain foods. Yep, SAP can even be ingested in small quantities* and is less toxic than sugar!

SAP also helps protect us from vag rash. If the skin around our vagina isn’t kept dry, it’s more vulnerable to irritation because the natural balance of the skin, which helps protect against harmful bacteria, can be compromised. Studies have shown that when an absorbent core is used, health benefits include reduced dermatitis and reduced bacterial contamination.

*Even under extreme cases of PMS, we don’t recommend chowing down on a Juuni pad.

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