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The beauty YouTubers you should be watching

From make-up to skincare gurus, these are the leaders of the vlogging scene.

Anything that you don’t know, you can learn from YouTube. Or at least that’s how it seems today, particularly when it comes to beauty. There’s a bevy of talented ladies and gents whose whole careers are spent teaching us about make-up and skincare via the vlogging scene. If you’re not quite sure as to which of YouTube’s many beauty influencers are deserving of your attention, let us help:

ChloeMorello 2.6 million subscribers

Aussie lass Chloe Morello is today one of the world’s biggest beauty YouTubers. The beauty lover was one of the first vloggers to make a career out of make-up application and today is LA-based, working with brand after brand on collection after collection of make-up (the likes of Revlon and Benefit included). If you don’t flock to her for her beauty know-how you will for her say-it-like-it-is personality.

Jaclyn Hill 5.9 million subscribers

YouTube’s Queen of the highlighter (if you know make-up you know what we’re talking about) is Jaclyn Hill. The American comedienne is as big on laughs as she is on her make-up application know-how, which is exactly why her fan base now runs in the multi-millions across the world. After a successful collaboration with Becca she has recently launched her own make-up line.

NikkieTutorials 12 million subscribers

Dutch talent Nikkie de Jager rose to fame near overnight back in 2015 after her YouTube video ‘The Power of Makeup’ went viral; for those who haven’t seen it, the video showcases the ability of make-up to transform and spawned thousands of similar videos across the globe. Fast-forward four years and today Nikkie is one of the world’s most beloved make-up vloggers, testing, trialling and dabbling with make-up in ways you didn’t even think were possible. Her talents have even landed her the coveted position of Marc Jacobs’ first artistry advisor and a spot on the Forbes Top Influencers list.

James Charles 15 million subscribers

King (or Queen if you’d like) of camp is James Charles, the young vlogger who’s been in hot water as of late in regards to his comments about influencers being a minority. Regardless of what you think of his loud-and-proud opinions, the seriously young talent is a dab-hand at make-up and blends and contours like no other. This is the channel for those who enjoy a make-up challenge and looks that are nothing short of bright and bold.

Lauren Curtis 3.5 million subscribers

Perth-based Lauren Curtis began with beauty offerings and has now branched out into anything and everything lifestyle. But at the heart of the channel is Lauren’s enduring passion for make-up, with the Aussie doling out tips and tricks for the more natural side of application Perhaps most refreshingly, despite her involvement in the beauty world, the sweet-as-pie Lauren is growing ever more renowned for her interest in spruiking the inner beauty of her followers; the vlogger has just launched the Mental Makeover podcast, where she talks all things life, relationships, social media, business, and spirituality.

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