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These crystals are your ticket to a better sleep

It turns out these babies aren’t just pretty, but a proven way to get some shut eye.

Considering our schedules these days are often bursting at the seams, it’s not hard to see why so many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep. But prior to turning to pills to aid your journey to dreamland, there are a bounty of other alternatives that don’t include counting sheep (we promise).

Crystals in particular may look beautiful, but they also hold a practical purpose as one seriously aesthetically pleasing way to aid slumber. Wielding and cleansing the energy around you, crystals can help to dissolve the thoughts that keep you awake in the first place. Those who dream of slumber (pardon the pun) should consider the following sleep-enabling options:

Selenite: Used to treat insomnia, this crystal helps to keep the mind calm and clear - exactly what you need it to be before a good night’s rest. Selenite is said to act as an energy purifier of your space - cleansing away negative, low vibrational energy and replacing it with the calm, gentle energy required for some decent R&R.

Amethyst: For those who desire better dreams, there’s no better crystal. Boasting a strong connection to your intuition and the subconscious mind, amethyst is said to help tap into the third eye chakra, stimulating your inner thoughts and feelings. But that doesn’t include the negative of thought - amethyst clears auras, creating a protective bubble around the mind, and warding away negative energy.

Rose quartz: Lovers stone rose quartz is said to bring a myriad of benefits into your bedroom (if you know what we’re getting at). But aside from the romance factor, the crystal is said to saturate the room in easy, loving energy, the kind of warm comfort that goes hand-in-hand with falling into an easy, restful slumber.

Lepidolite: Perhaps the ultimate sleep crusader is lepidolite. It’s not hard to see why once you learn its benefits revolve around calming the mind, ranging from easing feelings of anxiety, to quieting overactive minds and creating a sense of security.

As for how you’re mean to use crystals in aiding sleep, it’s simple. Once you’ve chosen your preferred stone give it a good cleanse (after all, negative or unwanted energy is not going to help that sleep situation). Then you can place it anywhere around your bedroom - often it’s best to place them under your pillow or mattress, but on your bedside table will work just as well.

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